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Hi, I'm Mackenna. Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV but always itching to travel. During the day, you can find me mommin' to my 3 littles, loving on my husband & most likely drinking a latte. I'm the type of mom who sings Disney music at the top of her lungs, runs through sprinklers as often as possible & dances while doing laundry.


But when that sun begins to drop, you can find me chasing sunsets with my clients and doing just about anything to get that perfect shot. Photography is my creative outlet. It's where I can get all artsy and really let my imagination take me away. Passion is an understatement, because sharing these intimate memories with you all is a dream come true. 


I've been obsessed with anything to do with a camera since I was old enough to walk. In front of the lens & behind it, I've always felt at home with a camera nearby. I'll spare you the embarrassing details of our family home videos, but I promise you, this camera bizz is my jam. A true nostalgic at heart, I'm the friend who has thousands of pictures of you in her phone. I love capturing all the moments, big or small because I'm the "picture" lady. Similar to like a cat lady but with less cats. 


When I finally decided to take the plunge into photographing these memories for others, it lit my soul on fire. It pulled me out of bed in the morning & kept me up at night. That's why I knew I had finally found my thing. There's a lot of options out there when it comes to photography & I implore you to find the photographer that will fit your needs best. But if you do chose me, (& I hope you do) I promise to put my entire heart into your gallery. When you look at your photos, you'll feel the love I poured into them and be brought back to the magic we shared creating them.

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